Last week we were all treated to the debut single from Brisbane producer Mark Maxwell, it was called ‘Give Me A Chance’ and it featured the golden vocals of LA singer/songwriter Jason Gaffner.

This week sees the official release of ‘Give Me A Chance’, along with this incredibly infectious remix from one of Maxwell’s hometown buddies, Sterling Silver.

Mark Maxwell was selected for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2014, and whisked off to Tokyo where his eyes were opened to a whole new world of music, and the industry around it. He came home feeling empowered, excited, and also pretty damn nervous about his decision to start releasing music under his own name.

mark maxwell

He really wanted to make an impact with this first single, so he dug deep into the roots of house music, drawing influences from some of the early house-pioneers like Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries and Jesse Saunders. He gathered everything he already knew and put it up against everything he had learned, and began focusing all of his attention on one of the ideas he had in mind for his first release. An amazing opportunity arose for him to work with LA singer/songwriterJason Gaffner (known for his recent work with Tyler Touché & Sam Padrul), and straight away Maxwell thought ‘Give Me A Chance’ would be the perfect project for this collaboration.

‘Give Me A Chance’ features Jason Gaffner’s smooth anthemic voice coursing through layers of thumping summer-house beats, deep warbling synth and a skittering percussion. As Mark Maxwell‘s production ties it all together with absolute finesse, you’ll be left wanting to give him all of the chances he needs.


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