Marshall, makers of the world’s leading amplifiers and headphones proudly presents the first smartphone that puts music on the main stage – the Marshall London. For over half a century Marshall has focused heavily on the sound of its products, and the London is no exception. It might just be loudest phone on Earth.


London is equipped with not one, but two stereo jacks – allowing you and a friend to plug in and share your music or watch a video together. Each sound source has independent volume control, so you’re free to kick out the jams while your friend keeps things mellow yellow.

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At the heart of the London is the M-Button – a dedicated one-click access to your music, whatever the source of it may be. Thanks to this ingenious bit of engineering, you can control your music on top of whatever else you happen to have onyour screen.


Marshall London might just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth. With two front-facing speakers, you can enjoy your music without the use of headphones. Perfect for those impromptu get-togethers. It’s also pretty handy when you need to make a group phone call. Did we mention it’s loud?

The London is set to be available in 22 countries worldwide. Pre ordering available from July 16th for delivery in late August, middle of September depending on country, and for sale online at beginning in August 2015.


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