Random Soul the collaborative project by two of Sydney’s finest house producers,Yogi and Husky, and this week they are sharing a brand new housey treat called, ‘Catch Me’.

Yogi and Husky began writing ‘Catch Me’ some months ago, taking it through many interpretations before they were completely satisfied with its direction. Once they got a few ideas sorted and written down, they started tracking some live bass, drums and a bit of lead synth. From there it didn’t take them long at all to realize they were on the right track – there was just one crucial element yet to be needed.

Sydney singer/songwriter Chloe West has performed with Random Soul at many of their live sows over the last few years, and when it came time to choosing the right vocalist for the track, Chloe was their obvious choice.

A funky bass-line takes the lead as Random Soul’s infectious summer-house beats work their magic on you. A rhythmic synth weaves its warbling sounds throughout a seamless production and the beckoning diva-esque vocals of Chloe West, setting us all up for a much-welcomed return by Random Soul.

‘Catch Me’ will be seeing its official release on July 27, but in the meantime we can expect a few stellar remixes from two very talented producers, Mogul and Full Intention – there’ll also be a clubby Yogi & Husky remix to round the package off nicely.


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