We love Keith Lemon and on Celebrity Juice, he pretty much makes us do a bit of a wee every single week.  So when we heard he’d be doing a new sketch show, we were both excited and curious as to how someone who is already a character could go on to portray other characters in a sketch show type format.

We needn’t have worried, because the series was the funniest thing we’ve seen in years.  The sketches here are bang up to date, with subjects including One Direction, Holly and Phillip and the Kardashians, Ant and Dec thrown in with an uncanny David Dickinson and a brand new character, the Urban Fox.

The opening episode features a guest stint from Phillip Schofield which was nothing short of genius and somehow Keith manages to keep the pace and the laughs going for the entire series.

There are so many characters and sketches featured that you’ll want to watch it again and again, so it’s handy that the whole thing is out now on dvd and even better, there’s a whole 50 minutes of extra material here, all just as a good as the stuff featured in the episodes.

It was little surprise to us to learn that a second series has been commissioned and we just hope it runs and runs, but until then, we’ll make do with watching the dvd.  If it doesn’t make you dribble a bit in your pants, you can’t have a pulse.



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