ITV2 is set for a summer of romance as Love Island returns with a brand new look, hosted by Caroline Flack. Caroline will preside over the ul2mate game of love, as a set of twelve stunning singles jet off to sun kissed Mallorca in search of passion and romance. The glamorous members of the public will live like celebri2es in a luxury villa, with ITV2 viewers privy to all the fun and flirta2on that ensues. There will be lots of fun in the sun, but, in order to remain in their love and lust fuelled paradise, the singles will have to win the hearts of the public. The audience at home will have the power to determine who stays and who goes, un2l one couple remains. Can true love win out on Love Island…or is it all a game?

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A self confessed matchmaker, and a huge fan of the show, Caroline is back on ITV2 to preside over a summer of romance.

Q: What excites you most about hosting Love Island? 

Firstly, I’ve always said what a big fan of the show I was first time round, and it’s brilliant to be hosting my own show. Also, the fact that I’m matchmaking and being responsible for creating potential relationships.

Q: If you could sum up the show in three words, what would they be?

Romantic, sexy and…. addictive.

What would your dream Love Island contestant be like?

I like people who really wear their heart on their sleeve, and people who fall in love really easily. Some hopeless romantics would be good.

Q: What for you would be the perfect outcome at the end of the series?

A wedding! And babies! I definitely think that’s possible. I met my last boyfriend on holiday. Things can happen like that.

Q: Have you started planning your Love Island wardrobe – any teasers on what your Love Island look will be like?

I’m going to be beachy and fun, rather than night Fme glamorous, which wouldn’t suit the setting. But not a bikini!

Q: What do you think makes a good date?

Laughter is always good. I don’t like anything too set up, as that can get a bit awkward. I went to a hotel with my boyfriend at the time and as a surprise the hotel gave us our own table in the middle of the band stand, surrounded by violinists and rose petals. Everyone else was eating off the band stand – it was the most awkward experience.

Q: Would you describe yourself as a good matchmaker?

have match made before, a couple of times. Sometimes I get it really wrong. I remember dating a guy once and thinking ‘he’s not my type’ and thought ‘but my friend would like him.’ So I let her go on a date with him afterwards. She was so insulted though aQer she’d been on the date with him.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about going to Mallorca?

Mallorca is one of my favourite places to go on holiday. I’m looking forward to the nice sunsets and the views, and a nice glass of wine as the sun goes down – my favourite time to drink wine!

Q: You’re in for a busy Summer – how do you juggle everything?

I just have a very good, organised calendar!

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Love Island begins 9pm Sunday on itv2. 


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