Nick Grimshaw was the luckiest man on the planet this weekend when he got to introduce Taylor Swift on stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.  We caught up with him minutes before he did the honours…

Nick, how did it feel to go on and perform with Olly Murs?

I was nervous yesterday, it’s one of those things you say on the radio and then everyone remembers it.  You can’t get away with anything once it’s been said on the radio, I wasn’t going to get out of it and actually once it got started it was really fun.  I had such a good time with Olly and it was great.

Are you just working the weekend or will you get to enjoy yourself with the fans?

It’s just about work for me today, yeah. I did a show that was on Radio 1, red button and online and that was really fun I did that with Alice, and I’ve been on stage djing and in a minute I’m going to go and interview Taylor Swift so it’s non-stop, I am definitely working.

Who would you go and watch if you could?

I came to my first festival about fourteen years ago which was Reading and I saw Fall Out Boy and I absolutely loved them and I still do.  I love Swifty as well, I can’t wait to see her. I don’t know if they’ll let me stay on the stage, so I think I will have to hold on to a railing!

What reaction have you had from the fans here?

The people of Norwich are so up for it. We don’t really get to hang out with anyone because we’re working, but I did get to chat to a few people by the stage and everyone was dancing and happy and loving it.  I’ve been here since Thursday and the reception has been great.

You had a nightmare on stage yesterday didn’t you?

There were 50,000 people waiting for Muse yesterday and I was warming them up with Uptown Funk during a DJ set and had just got them going and then I put the microphone down on the stop button and it wasn’t the best thing to do! I just pressed stop in the middle of the song!

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw continues tomorrow from 6.30am on BBC Radio 1.


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