Despite just finishing a tour and preparing to host The X Factor, Olly Murs found the time to perform in front of a 50,000 strong crowd for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich on Sunday.  The Version had an exclusive chat with him…

Scott Mills reckons you’d be great on Eurovision Olly, is that something you’d ever do?

No, I wouldn’t do Eurovision! I haven’t got a problem with it, but…. I think it’s something new artists should do… it’s not for me. We didn’t do very well did we?

You’ll be tied up with X Factor soon, is that going to impact your music career?

Well I’ve got the new album which came out last year and my new single is coming soon, so I’m still busy promoting that.  It has a really cool video with someone from Game of Thrones and we’ll also have something new out at the end of the year as well which will be amazing so X Factor won’t hinder my music career.

You’ve got a busy few months coming up though, haven’t you?

Yeah, I just finished my UK tour so we’re now in the next few weeks going back to Europe to finish the tour, then I’m doing X Factor, and then I’m off to Australia to tour there and then I’m back to do the X Factor live shows so yes it’s busy!

What made you want to host it rather than Judge on it and will you get nervous?

It’s going to be strange presenting it, but I can’t wait. The main show will be a lot of fun but I get more excited than nervous. I did Xtra Factor but this is much bigger and it’s very different, but I’m excited. I didn’t want to be a Judge, I didn’t think that’s something for me, but presenting the show is a big opportunity and it’s great catching up with the contestants backstage and I can give the judges grief if they’re harsh on the contestants because I’ve been there. I couldn’t sit there judging people with the same aspirations that I had, I will be there for the contestants, on their side giving them cuddles.

There’s been lots said about Grimmy being a Judge, do you think he’d be good?

I think Nick Grimshaw would be great, there’s obviously loads of rumours and nothing is actually confirmed but I think he’d be great. He’s vocal, he’s got a great way about him, he is involved in music via the biggest radio station in the country. People forget Louis, Sharon, Simon aren’t artists so I think he could do it no problem.

And who should host Xtra Factor?

I don’t know who will do Xtra Factor.  I’d love Laura Whitmore to do it, she’s brilliant but I don’t know if she can because she does I’m a Celebrity on itv2.  I think any presenter can do it and bring something to it and give it a new lease of life and I think it will be a great opportunity for someone. I think they want to freshen it up so it will be interesting to see who does it.

How did it feel opening Big Weekend?

Amazing. We do summer shows and when you do an arena tour you go to all these places in the UK but it’s the same places, whereas Big Weekend brings you somewhere new.  For these people in Norwich, it’s massive and for me, it’s great to see them and hopefully some new fans will  have come to see me who haven’t watched me before so it’s brilliant and the academy has been great for Norwich too.  I absolutely love it.

Olly’s new single Beautiful to Me is released June 14th.


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