The Squatters deliver deep, bassline riddled goodness each and every month in their brilliant Podcast.  We met the guys behind it to find out more… 

Hi lads!  Thanks for joining us, tell us a bit about yourselves for those who haven’t yet been introduced to The Squatters…  Where did it all begin?

We met on a dating site for lonely farmers… No, we really met through a mutual friend, coming from the east side of England in neighbouring seaside towns Bridlington and Scarborough; sharing a passion for running events and making music we kind of hit it off at first sight! We made a track for fun and put it on Myspace (for those who remember that social media platform) then the rest is history..

We heard that your monthly mix is something that’ll get us ready for the weekend and then some – how would you explain the sounds that you pack into this hour-long mix?

We aim to deliver the best possible sounds we can get our hands on! It probably takes good part of a month to collate all the tracks and finish the tracks we are working on ourselves to get them in the show so that they are very exclusive and one step ahead of the game – it keeps things fresh! We also don’t wash our hands when we make the mix so you could class this as an organic selection.

You must get sent hundreds of tracks each week, how do you possibly sift through everything and narrow it down to 60 minutes’ worth of music?

Well we get sent around 10gb of music as Oli works for a Radio Production company and Alex works for a label distribution company.. So you can see that we have to be very specific and ruthless in our mixes. We tend to find we take a shine to certain artists or labels which helps but also playing tracks and testing them at gigs and seeing reactions helps us decide too.

Does your mix represent the set that we’d see from The Sqautters’ live show?  Or do you switch things up in the club a bit?

Yeah kinda, except when we play live we create special edits fitting more into the live show side, also we have little nudges and hand signals to communicate while mashing up the set. We never plan our sets and never will because coming from a nightclub resident background it’s always good to take the crowd where you want them to go.

It seems that every DJ has a podcast these days – is it an essential part of the job now would you say?

I suppose it’s just another string to the bow, we don’t just produce a podcast though – our monthly mix show goes out to over 30 stations on various outlets FM, Internet and even CDs! A show is an important part of giving the fans back a taste of your passion and sounds when they can’t see you perform on a regular basis. This mix is even worth playing during everyday tasks like going to the gym and you’ve got to remember that the DJ can’t be at every fan’s house party.. So yes, it’s a key part of sharing the music

And what is it that makes The Squatters podcast stand out from the rest?

Like always – we do what we do and never aim to stand out and if people like it, then that’s MEGA! Modest but honest. Oh we also sound better than we look so that’s probably it 😉

We’ve heard you’ve got a new track out on Night Shift?  What’s the story with that?

After hearing Oliver Heldons play the track we got in touch with Night Shift and asked for a copy, then they offered us to remix it, so we did! It’s a great new label with well-respected artists who are starting to make waves in the scene.

Anything else we should keep an eye out for from The Squatters?

We are currently waiting to release our latest remix of Hardsoul’s track on Ministry of Sound, Vanilla Ace remix has just been completed too.. And not forgetting our latest original titled “Rude Boy” collaborated with the wonderful talented Little Nikki who has worked with the likes of DJ Fresh, S.K.T and many more.. (Nikki is only 19!) But what a great artist and girl!

Keep an eye on our social networks for our gigs as we have dates in Ibiza, Mallorca, Marrakech, Ireland, UK and many more.. 

And lastly please do not sit down when music is playing, this is not cool

Big Love TS x


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