Radio 1 DJ Greg James says the BBC must continue with events such as the Big Weekend festival despite internal budget cuts.

The drive-time host told The Version “I love radio so much as a medium because it’s all about telling a story. There’s definitely a place for social media and iplayer and all of that but the radio is just as relevant today as it ever has been and I think it’s just that instant connection it has you know, and bringing listeners live music is very important to radio.  I was curious to what it sounded like so I actually listened to half an hour of it on the day and it just sounded great, the vibe definitely came across and the listeners have heard some great performances by amazing artists”.

“We don’t just rock up and do an event we turn up and do a whole week of workshops, and events and we leave a legacy wherever we do it because we do so much for the local area that we’re in.  We are all about the listeners, we’re not about making money we’re about entertaining the listener and I think events like this are crucial and if somebody said no more events that’s it, then it would be a disaster”.

When asked about falling listening figures for the station, Greg said “I take Rajar figures with a pinch of salt.   I think we know at Radio 1 what the listeners like and we know hope popular it is. The Rajar figures have a place obviously but we have lots of ways to gage how popular the DJ’s are and the artists that we play and there are so many other aspects to it now as well.  Events like Big Weekend get such an incredible reaction and they just have to continue”.

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