BC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems sees Danny Howard entertain the nation each and every Saturday afternoon from 4pm, but it doesn’t end there, fans of the show can get an extra fix of their favourite dance tunes in the latest in a successful run of Dance Anthems compilation albums.  We had an exclusive chat with Danny to find out more about Dance Anthems 2015.

dance anthems 2015 album

The previous Dance Anthems albums have sold really well, how do you feel about the Dance Anthems brand doing so well?

It’s such an honour to be associated with Dance Anthems and to have been a part of the way the show has developed over the last few years – it really is testament to how hard everyone involved works on making sure it’s the best it can be.  Hopefully there is plenty more success still to come! 

There are some massive tunes on the Dance Anthem 2015 album – Shift K3y, Alesso, Dusky – how much of a say did you have on the artists and tracks that feature?

I have complete control over the albums, in that I pick the tracks and mix the whole CD myself.  The only problem is that there are so many tracks I play on the show, the hard part is getting a good mix of tracks that represent the show, as well as following the legal restrictions about certain releases.  It can get a bit of a headache sometimes but hopefully we’ve managed to get it right. 

Which of the tracks stand out for you on the album and why?

Too many to pick!  Obviously the Danny Howard remix of Dr Kucho on disc two is a cracker 😉 

You’ve been doing the Dance Anthems show on Radio 1 for a while now, what do you enjoy most about it?

There’s such a buzz about broadcasting live which is obviously a massive part of the job, but I’m in a position where the tunes I play help set up people’s nights out up and down the country which is mad to think about!  It’s great seeing Tweets form people saying that they weren’t going to go out, but then heard the show and are now out of the door heading to a club – that’s a great feeling.  I just hope they don’t blame me for the hangover too.  

I remember when Dave Pearce hosted it, we came along and sat in the studio during the show and I was surprised by the calm atmosphere during a show in which banging tunes are played. What’s the vibe when you’re presenting it?

The show is very different now from back then… Dance music is in a different place with house music being king and I also take it a lot deeper & more underground towards the end of the show. I really love having the music loud during the love show so I have the volume high because I love the music… I stand up and make sure that I’m on a bit of a vibe. If it’s calm & subdued in the studio for a dance show then I think that can really pass through the airwaves, which is not what I want…. I want it to sound like a party, even if it is 4 O’clock in the afternoon!

You’ve been on tour with Nothing Else Matters; tell us a bit more about that project and what fans can expect if they come along?

It’s a project I started way back in 2013 with a  couple of small shows, but this is the first time that we’ve been able to properly achieve what we set out to with NEM.  It’s all about stripping back the gimmicks, taking things back to basics and making the night all about the music.  It’s also an opportunity for me to invite the up and coming artists to play out and a showcase for the incredible underground talent that the UK has to offer.

It’s only March and we’ve already seen some great new artists, DJ’s and dance tunes coming through.  Who’s the one to watch in 2015 in your opinion?

I think this summer, a guy on Hot Creations called ‘Denney’ will have a great year. He’s got a track called ‘Low Frequency’ that’s been doing the rounds and it’s getting a full release via Ministry Of Sound in the summer so that will be getting hammered in Ibiza I’m sure!  

Summer is going to be upon us real soon, how are you going to make your Summer even bigger and messier than the last?

Well I’ve already got Creamfields, We Are FSTVL and Outbreak Festival in the UK lined up, then there’s the Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza, and a few other bits that I can’t announce just yet…  Last summer was like a whirlwind because I was doing the show each Saturday and then flying straight out to Ibiza afterwards to play at Pacha – I can see this summer being even more hectic!   

Finally, we’ve got 1Xtra and Radio 2 are launching various pop-up stations, what are your thoughts on Radio 1 one day launching a dance-only station?

 Well, it’s funny you say that. Watch this space is all I’m saying. Hint: 20 Years of Radio 1 in Ibiza!

Dance Anthems 2015 remixed by Danny Howard is out now. BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems is 4 – 7pm each Saturday, or listen again via BBC iPlayer.


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